Like her father, beautiful Frankie Stein was created in a secret lab despite a very sophisticated scientific method that has been kept very well until today. Are you a curious woman discovering all the steps of the creation of this doll? After that, you should definitely join us as step by step and together we will build our virtual Frankie Stein doll by following some important scientific methods. First, we will need your detective skills for each of our secret labs for a few hidden items that we will use as different pieces of our doll's body. Once you've managed to spot it all, you can move to the next page of the game and build your gorgeous doll. Make sure also sew the different pats between them 'cause to make sure she will not lose them again. Great work, women! Continue and dress up your adorable monster in a luxurious two piece dress, making sure to accessorize your selection with a gorgeous heels. Now why do not you help her do her beauty lab by decorating it with colorful furniture and girly girls and items. Have a great time playing 'Frankie Stein Monster Maker' game for girls!">
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